Monday, 26 November 2012

Revlon ColorStay LipLiner

LipLiner is an absolute must have for me, I can very rarely wear lipstick without it. Recently, I placed a fairly big order on after hearing on the #bbloggers chat that it sold good quality make up brands at bargain prices (usually because the shade or packaging has been discontinued).  I threw in a few cheap lipliners for good measure and luckily one of the ones I chose was Revlon’s ColorStay in Wine.

I also picked up Jemma Kid Neutral Lip Liner and Rouge Couture in Bois De Rose all for around £1.99 each, but this one rose fair above the rest. Firstly, it’s an automatic lip-liner meaning that I never have to locate a sharpener, something that despite owning several never seems to be available when I need it. Secondly, the consistency and colouring of the product is so strong that they easily outlast any other lipliners I’ve tried.

I was so impressed that I ordered another of the discontinued bargain pens (Raisin) and then went out and bought a full price - £6.29 – current version (Pink).

You get about an inch and a half (oo-er) of product - 0.28g in real terms - which I’m not convinced is the greatest of value compared to a pencil liner, however, application is smooth and only needs one application so they probably have quite a good shelf life (oddly they don’t appear to have an actual shelf life printed on them).

The only downside to this product is that I can see how some people may find the darker shades slightly drying. Personally I favour matte lips and moisturise heavily before applying lip products instead of after so it blends with my lipstick no problem.

The current range of these lipliners, which consists of Nude, Pink, Rose and Red, are available in both Boots and Superdrug stores. The discontinued products are still available on fragrancedirect, or theres a couple of sellers floating around on eBay.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

More Models Own

I recently wrote a post explaining why Models Own was my favourite brand for nail varnish. So, when they had their 50% off sale, it was inevitable that I would purchase something. In an attempt to save money I did put of placing an order for a while, however, at 11.30 on the night the sale was ending (ridiculous, I know) I caved.

I bought 5 polishes, and one packet of nail wraps.

Jade Stone
– This is beautiful, I actually don’t consider it to be Jade in the traditional sense it is more of a mint green. It applies opaque almost immediately and has a lovely creamy texture. I will definitely be repurchasing this.
Bare Beauty – I’ve wanted this one since I saw it in a blog post ages ago, but I’ve never been able to find it in shops. When it arrived I was pretty disappointed as it looked incredibly orange, not the beautiful nude I remembered it being, but it does applies as beautiful dusky peach. It was what inspired be to place the order and I’m certainly glad I did.

Thunder and Lightning – For this polish I might have been a little enthralled by the way the website portrays it as it is not my usual style of polish. It has a slightly gel like consistency, and is almost transparent. It's as if you're meant to layer it over something, but unless you layered it over an already black polish I don't see it looking too great. It does have a nice amount of glitter in it though.
Lili’s Pink – My first, and favourite, Models Own polish was Mystic Mauve from the Champagne collection. There is just something about the finish of that polish which makes it look almost professional when applied, however, I didn’t really want to get the exact same one as purple isn’t really my colour. I hoped that this pink would be of similar quality and I wasn’t disappointed, it is a beautiful candy floss/barbie colour. The only downfall is that it seems to have the shortest on-nail life (Is that a thing?) but a decent topcoat should give it a little extra staying power.
Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix – This is my second bottle of this cult favourite, at one point I thought I’d found the perfect dupe but there’s just something about the colour palette of the glitter in this that you just can’t replicate.

I have not used the wraps yet, I want to wait until I’ve got some time off work to really get some good wear out of them. You get 2 sets per packet, and I think it’s a quirky cheap alternative to a manicure, but I don’t think I would ever pay the full £7 for them.

Did you pick up anything in the sale?

PS: Whilst I am on the subject of nail varnish bargains, today is the last day that you can pick up the issues of More Magazine which comes with a free Models Own Polish. I want to try out the 'Nude Beige' one.