Sunday, 24 February 2013

sometimes my face gets angry: Witch Anti-Blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser

Moisturiser with Witch Hazel extract to soothe skin.

I picked this up on a whim as I do like Witch products, and I happened to have run out for my current daily moisturiser (Nivea Q10 Pore Refining Day Cream). I like the idea of being able to use a product that treats spots during the daytime alongside my make-up.

It comes in a slightly clinical looking 30ml tube and I have read a couple of reviews that mention that if you apply too much of this it can ‘blob’ after make-up application. However, I think from the size of the tube it represents a good idea of how much you should apply and the dispenser is only the size of a pin prick so it’s hard to over dispense. The moisturizer quite a rich, green cream which does indeed balance out any redness (I am prone to very angry looking spots!) and it feels quite soothing. If I want full-face moisturizing I mix it in with a squirt of Olay essentials and that loosens up the application a bit but still is quite effective on combating redness.

The only downside is that it smells appalling. Without meaning to be childish, it smells like toilet! I can’t pinpoint what is in that can be blamed for the scent, I’m guessing it’s just because it’s anti-bacterial. After I’ve finished my face the smell no longer lingers so the ends justify the means, but it is a shame. 
Despite this I would recommend this product as it will be beneficial to anyone with ‘unruly’ skin. I also think perhaps this would be a good product to try if you are self-conscious about having naturally red-toned cheeks/skin. I found it at Superdrug for £6.99, but if you are lucky enough to reside in a town with a Bodycare I picked mine up there for about half the price.

Does anyone else know of any good spot-clearing daily moisturisers? I'd be interested to here what you recommend..

Monday, 18 February 2013

my postman says I get too much mail.

I have now had a conversation with my postman 3 times where he tells me I get too much mail. It's a really awkward conversation cos I've no idea how to respond to that. I don't think I get that much, maybe in my street people average 1 letter a year. It is Stoke, maybe people don't know how to read (I JOKE).

CClub is one letter a month with a randomly assigned blogger penpal. If you've not heard about it before you can read my previous posts here and here. The CClub underwent a few changes and for the period of October – December I had the same partner. My letter-writing hum for these 3 months was a lovely girl called Carrie who runs the blog petalbypetal.

I couldn't for the life of me remember what the theme for October was, but luckily Nnenna who runs the club does a round up post on her blog that did mention the theme was ‘Fall Favourites’. From what I remember my letter involved me mainly laughing at the world fall and complaining that we weren't having a particularly nice fall as it was raining a ridiculous amount. I sent some earrings and a Halloween dib-dab as that probably is my favourite thing about autumn. Carrie sent me some little packages of macadamia nuts and sweeties.

For November the theme was 'Thanks for the Little Things' after Nnenna’s hometown was hit by hurricane sandy. I am super thankful for a bunch of stuff, especially for where I live and the experiences it affords me, and ended up getting a little stationary set depicting English landmarks. Carrie send me a cute bracelet which, apologies, I forgot to photograph.

When we got to December there was only one obvious theme ‘Holiday Cheer’. Carrie was lovely and sent me a huge parcel of macadamia nuts after I declared that I had been on a quest since returning from New York to find somewhere in the UK that sold sweetened nuts of any kind for a reasonable price. (I still haven’t found any, help anyone?). I also loved her Hawaiian Christmas card which pictured a very bright Santa eating a snow cone. To reciprocate I sent her the wintery-est card I could. Along with some Cadbury’s (cos America uses a different receipt to the UK – crazy) and some cute page breaks as she is doing a library-science degree.

If you want to join in the next partner switch over is April, but you can sign up in advance if you want.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sharing the Love

I thought I would use the excuse of Valentine’s day to do a short post on my favourite blogs. I, as I’m sure most bloggers do, follow a whole bunch of blogs – Bloglovin’ is bookmarked on my browser and I have the android app as well (the iPad version is wank though, sort it out guys!) – but there are a few that I will click onto above the others.

I declared my love of this blog on twitter (@GRTBlog) the other day and in turn I found it a while back when someone did a similar post to this. I think I like it because although it’s ‘fashiony’ it is also funny, easy-to-read and accessible. Aside from a love of shoes Josie also talks about having Cystic Fibrosis so I sometimes feel like I’m learning something important whilst browsing her pictures of recent Zara buys!

With a delightfully indie name, this blog is the right mix of bits and bobs to keep me interested. Skye does some really cute diy’s, some outfit posts and a few lifestyle pieces. I very rarely achieve successful diys so I imagine I began following in order to live vicariously through her well executed crafts.

I can’t pinpoint how I discovered Terri’s blog. It’s possible that I started following it cos I found out she’s from near where I reside term-time and I was intrigued to judge someone who actually admits they live in Stoke (sorry!). Similarly to Josie’s blog it’s the writing style I like; who doesn’t like a blog where the reviewer is (sometimes brutally) honest.
For anyone who actually still reads this (I am aware this is a bit of a back-from-the-dead blogpost, I apparently have one of those real-life lives which is demanding) I hope you have a lovely Valentines day. I will celebrate it by doing nothing different from my regular lifestyle as I am a bitter single gal!