Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sharing the Love

I thought I would use the excuse of Valentine’s day to do a short post on my favourite blogs. I, as I’m sure most bloggers do, follow a whole bunch of blogs – Bloglovin’ is bookmarked on my browser and I have the android app as well (the iPad version is wank though, sort it out guys!) – but there are a few that I will click onto above the others.

I declared my love of this blog on twitter (@GRTBlog) the other day and in turn I found it a while back when someone did a similar post to this. I think I like it because although it’s ‘fashiony’ it is also funny, easy-to-read and accessible. Aside from a love of shoes Josie also talks about having Cystic Fibrosis so I sometimes feel like I’m learning something important whilst browsing her pictures of recent Zara buys!

With a delightfully indie name, this blog is the right mix of bits and bobs to keep me interested. Skye does some really cute diy’s, some outfit posts and a few lifestyle pieces. I very rarely achieve successful diys so I imagine I began following in order to live vicariously through her well executed crafts.

I can’t pinpoint how I discovered Terri’s blog. It’s possible that I started following it cos I found out she’s from near where I reside term-time and I was intrigued to judge someone who actually admits they live in Stoke (sorry!). Similarly to Josie’s blog it’s the writing style I like; who doesn’t like a blog where the reviewer is (sometimes brutally) honest.
For anyone who actually still reads this (I am aware this is a bit of a back-from-the-dead blogpost, I apparently have one of those real-life lives which is demanding) I hope you have a lovely Valentines day. I will celebrate it by doing nothing different from my regular lifestyle as I am a bitter single gal!


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