Monday, 28 October 2013

Revlon Baby Stick

Sometimes you buy a product on a whim, without knowing too much about it, or without having a look for blog reviews, and sometimes this approach bites you in the a***. I picked up a Revlon Baby Stick in the shade Sunset because it was on sale in Boots. There were no testers, but I have a lot of faith in Revlon lip products and thought that with a true red colour you couldn’t go wrong.

The Revlon Baby Stick is one of the stupidest products I’ve ever come across, mainly because it has absolutely no pigmentation. I have pretty pale skin so for a product not to show up on me is ridiculous - all it does is leave a slightly greasy sheen on my skin.

As a lip balm it does coat you lips well and make them look lovely and smooth, but, on top of being nowhere need red, it feels a little bit like putting candle wax on your lips. (I am going from knowing the feeling of candle wax from when I used to dip my fingers in the melted bit of the candle when I was younger, then let it go hard. That’s a thing, right?).

As a blush it’s a tiny bit better as it can be used to give a slight blush, so for a natural look it could be a possibility. Again though, the awkward texture doesn’t feel great on your face and I can imagine that when applied with some foundations it would only get worse.

I presumed that since I’d picked this up on the cheap it was being discontinued, however it currently appears on the Boots website for £6.99. I implore everyone to save this money, or at the very least put it towards one of the better Revlon products such as the Kissable Stains.

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  1. You've just saved me £6.99 cos I've been thinking of picking this up for a while now (though I'd been eyeing up the baby pink shade) To be honest I've found most of the lip/cheek products to be a bit disappointing; the textures that feel great on my lips are generally horrid on my cheeks and vise versa! :)

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