Monday, 28 October 2013

Revlon Baby Stick

Sometimes you buy a product on a whim, without knowing too much about it, or without having a look for blog reviews, and sometimes this approach bites you in the a***. I picked up a Revlon Baby Stick in the shade Sunset because it was on sale in Boots. There were no testers, but I have a lot of faith in Revlon lip products and thought that with a true red colour you couldn’t go wrong.

The Revlon Baby Stick is one of the stupidest products I’ve ever come across, mainly because it has absolutely no pigmentation. I have pretty pale skin so for a product not to show up on me is ridiculous - all it does is leave a slightly greasy sheen on my skin.

As a lip balm it does coat you lips well and make them look lovely and smooth, but, on top of being nowhere need red, it feels a little bit like putting candle wax on your lips. (I am going from knowing the feeling of candle wax from when I used to dip my fingers in the melted bit of the candle when I was younger, then let it go hard. That’s a thing, right?).

As a blush it’s a tiny bit better as it can be used to give a slight blush, so for a natural look it could be a possibility. Again though, the awkward texture doesn’t feel great on your face and I can imagine that when applied with some foundations it would only get worse.

I presumed that since I’d picked this up on the cheap it was being discontinued, however it currently appears on the Boots website for £6.99. I implore everyone to save this money, or at the very least put it towards one of the better Revlon products such as the Kissable Stains.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream

A few days ago, as part of a #bbloggers chat, I was wahh-ing on about wanting to find a good, high street hand cream. I followed up the recommendation I received (mainly Soap & Glory based) with an unfruitful lunch break spent testing them out in Boots.

Purifying Hand Cream Hemp Absinthe
The next day the Body Shop promotion started where you could test out one of their hand creams for free. My step-dad, who I obviously trust for all my beauty product recommendations, swears by their hemp one so I thought it was probably worth another lunch time trek to the shops. Plus the 30ml tubes usually retail for £5 so it was a pretty good saving.

I was torn between the Almond Hand and Nail Cream or the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream and in the end I opted for the latter since I love to be alternative and what-not. It’s probably worth noting at this point, for anyone with a vaguely teenager mind like mine, that it does not smell anything like alcohol! I particularly wanted a strongly scented hand-cream as I wanted it to be refreshing after a morning on a grimy train. (Plus I put my head in my hands a lot whilst at work so it’s ice for them to smell good!). The scent it carries is slightly herby and hyper-clean, with a hint of perfume.

It’s possibly not the most moisturising hand cream, but it has improved the dryness I was feeling without making my hands seem greasy or sticky. It absorbs really quickly so is excellent for on the go use, however I, and I am unsure whether this is a genuine problem or just a ‘me’ problem, can never seem to get the lid back on first time which makes using it a bit fiddly.

I wouldn’t say that I am 100% committed to this hand cream as I have been with some other products, but I’m definitely more inclined to make the Body Shop my first stop when testing them out.

What other hand creams would you recommend?