Friday, 17 August 2012

Justifying a Models Own Haul

Everyone has that one brand whose nail polishes outnumber any other in their collection and Models Own is definitely mine. I actually only discovered the brand a relatively short time ago when a friend gave me a bottle of Mystic Mauve as part of a birthday present (January 13th, thanks for asking!). At first I thought it would be destined to lay dormant in a draw because it looked far too shiny and the light purple-silver just wasn’t what I was used to, tending to gravitate towards slightly bolder nail colours. I can’t remember the exact circumstances but somehow it did end up on my nails and I was in awe. It applies incredibly easily and the shine I was worried about dried into a salon nail looking sheen. Then on a shopping trip I stumbled across the now much loved Ibiza Mix which is also incredibly beautiful. I quickly added Lemon Meringue and Aqua Violet (Beetle Juice) to my collection and thus my love affair with Models Own was born.

Whilst browsing the ASOS sale website at the recommendation of Beauty’s Bad Habit I discovered that I could indeed get the Mini Trio, RRP £8, for the bargainous £4.50 – cheaper than one full size polish. This trio contains a two-toned pinky-brown, a golden green and a bubblegum pink with a slight iridescent sheen all in 6ml bottles. They all apply easily with good coverage from 2 coats and excellent coverage with anymore. (Shown in the picture is only 1 coat, except for the on the middle finger). I have a tendency to put my nails through hell during the day but can get a good 3 days wear out of each of these. I was worried that these miniatures would be below par because I do know a few companies whose sample-size products often have formula inconsistencies but these are the same as their bigger 14ml brothers.

I also found that the Beetlejuice trio was reduced to £7.50, RRP £12. Since my favourite nail polisuh is from that collection I quickly added this to my basket. It contains Emerald Black, Golden Green, and Pinky Brown. (admittedly at the time of ordering I didn’t register that both trios contained the same pink, I should’ve read the description). I thought the Emerald Black polish would be similar to Aqua Violet but, by itself it applies as a beautiful, almost matte, black. All these polishes an also be applied over other single tone nail colours to re-invent the shades.

I love all these products and surprised myself by even liking the golden-green shade. I couldn’t wear it on every finger but as an accent nail I’ve had many compliments. (I know that I don’t need two bottles just to do accents so I may put it in a giveaway). If you haven’t already tried Models Own nail varnish I would recommend checking them out as they have a great range. Personally, I really want to visit the Bottleshop but their regular stands can be found in select Boots stores.

Once again apologies for horrendous photos, I cannot wait to be reunited with my camera.


  1. Ah i love love love Models Own nail polishes....i got a massive haul of them last year from the Clothes show....your literally spoiled for choice as theres so many colours!!
    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop - and followed xx

  2. I loveee Models Own! I definitely don't own enough though :( xxx