Monday, 27 August 2012

3-Minute Clay Mask

I think one of the best (and sometimes worst when I consider my bank balance) things about being a blogger is discovering new products. Whilst reading Megan's July favourites post on A Scholar Life I decided I wanted to check out the 3-minute Clay Mask from Boots.

Boots Essential is stocked in all highstreet Boots stores and I know that a lot of people regularly buy their face wipes as they do their job and are reasonably priced. At £2.03 for 50ml I think this product can be categorised in a similar manner. 

The primary ingredients are Kaolin (a clay mineral, hence the name) and Glycerin, which is designed to help the clay dissolve when you wash it off. Clay is widely regarded has being great for skin because it usually absorbs oil. Kolin is white clay which is one of the most gentle forms of cosmetic clay – making it genuinely appropriate for ‘all skin types’ as the tube claims. It aims to draw out oil whilst cleansing and stimulating the circulation to give you a healthy glow. I do generally tend to reach for this when I feel like my skin has been acting just a little bit too oily. The packaging says it can be used either once or twice a week. I do probably put it on weekly, but with a shelf life of 24 months I’m in no rush to get through it. 

As I’m sure you guessed, you apply the mask for 3 minutes. I like to apply a good, thick layer and even though it’s only on for the short period of time it does begin to feel slightly tight. However, it does not actually dry hard and washes of more like a luxe face wash. I have found that the best way to remove it is using a large cotton wool pad run under the tap (I use Large Ovals which are 65p for 50 here). 

The best thing about this mask is that it genuinely leaves your skin feeling healthy and clean. It has a slight cucumber smell, as the product does include a small amount of cucumber extract, which makes it refreshing. I imagine that on a hot day if you put this in the fridge for a short amount of time it would be luscious. 

I would definitely recommend this little tube of goodness as it leaves my skin feeling really freshl; if you have oily/combination skin this is definitely worth spending the pennies on for a weekday skin pick me up.


  1. I think the post was on my blog :), I'm glad you liked it xx

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    1. cheers! I have update the post to include your link now (: xx

  2. Nice review! I might try this. I've bought a load of facemasks this month to try every week to review - kind of like a little series :) I'll add this to my list - I have oily/combination skin too! If I get around to buying it I'll link this post to it because I saw it from here first! (^__^) xo

  3. I definitely need this! I hope I can get my hands on this lovely product. Great review :)

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  5. Great review! This face mask sounds fantastic :)

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