Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shoes, glorious Shoes.

I don’t usually do giveaway blogposts but I think I have a bit of a girl crush on the writer of this blog – Hello, TerriLowe – she has a horrendous sense of humour, unfortunately similar to mine, and runs a beauty-come-lifestyle blog about/from Stoke. Also, the requirement is a blogpost about shoes and it has come to my attention recently that I am suffering from shoe addiction.

I never believed I had too many until someone called me out in an intervention style meeting, however, you have to live with things and if given the opportunity to get more I definitely wouldn't say no. This is a link to the giveaway, hosted by Terri and Barratt’s. The prize is £70 of shoe money and this is the post on what I would like to spend that on

Immediately I picked out these somewhat vibrant ‘Timeless Court’ Mid-Heels. I am 5”7, and whilst I love being tall I am verging on the side of lanky. This, coupled with the fact that everyone in my little section of the West Midlands appears to be significantly shorter than me, means that the 6 inch heels I used to lust over aren’t really a feasible fashion accessory unless I want to look like Godzilla in the photos the next day, however, kitten heels strike me as the most horrific invention ever (sorry, if anyone reading this harbours a love for them) so chunky mid-heels are my new must have items.

Flats, although sometimes making my silhouette resemble that of a golf club, are my day-to-day go to shoes. For the £32 I had left over I managed to scoop out an impressive 3 lovely pairs; one with bows (for girly days £7), one with cats (for crazy cat lady days – they happen, trust me £7) and one with spikes (for edgy days £12).

At this point I would technically have £7 left over so I had another look around in the non-shoe section and found these adorable gel cushions (wearing heels and party hard anyone?) which come in leopard print!

What would you spend the money on?
Why don’t you enter yourself?

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