Saturday, 13 October 2012

CCLUB: August/September

I have previously written about the Correspondence Club run by Nnenna of Star Crossed Smile. However, this time around the format has changed slightly meaning that this time I was paired with the lovely Blair for two months. Blair is from the US and doesn’t actually have a blog (I didn’t ask how she got involved with the project) and was an absolute delight. It turns out both of us are a bit scatterbrained which meant that instead of sending out our letters on time – and receiving them at the same time - we were able to have a proper conversation.

Being scatterbrained I forgot to take a picture of my first letter before I wrapped it up. The theme was ‘Hometown Glory’ because of the Olympic hype that was going on at the time. What with me coming from the home of the games I thought it only fitting to send something 2012 themed, I went looking for a keyring but ended up with socks – you can never have too many cute pairs I guess!

Blair’s package to me took a minor detour to the post office sorting depot as I went to stay down south for a while. However, when it did find its way back to my house I was delighted. Blair had a crazy busy summer and hadn't actually been in her hometown at all, she did however holiday in New Mexico and pick me up this hilarious cactus shot glass. There was also a CD she’d burnt and some page markers (which I am now building up quite a collection of, maybe if I actually started my dissertation they would go down a bit!).

For the reply month the theme was ‘Fashion Week’, unfortunately I had no grand experiences of this but did go out and pick some cute jewellery out. I actually bought the bow bracelet for myself and at the last minute decided to pick up another to keep encase I needed a present for someone as it’s adorable. The earrings come from Dorothy Perkins. Blair facebook’d me yesterday letting me know they had arrived (so I know it’s safe to put this post up) and also letting me know that she’d send a reply soon, excited.

I have already been assigned my partner for the next two months (and for Christmas, yay) but if you did want to get involved it’s worth having a look through this link, or getting in touch with Nnenna.

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  1. It was so fun to read about what you and Blair sent to each other! Each of your packages sounds so thoughtful and great :) Thanks so much for this amazing post!