Monday, 25 March 2013

Dermalogica Christmas Cleansing Set

Don't be confused by the use of the word 'Christmas' in the title; I am aware (despite the weather) that it is infact Spring! It's just that over the Christmas period I was lucky enough to win the Christmas Cleansing Gel Set from Dermalogica. As a brand I've always wanted to try out their stuff, but the higher price point made me nervous about ordering the wrong thing. What my set contained was a 250ml bottle of the ‘Special Cleansing Gel’ with two miniature products as ‘free gifts’; the PreCleanse (30ml) and the Skin Prep Scrub (22ml).

Dermalogica Skincare Gift Set

I’ve known for a while that I should buy some sort of strong make-up remover and the PreCleanse has definitely proved that fact to me. However, I’m not convinced that I need to shell out £23 to have this exact one. On the plus side it has a drip mechanism top so it would last you and absolute age in full size (150ml) and contains some really nice ingredients: apricot, bran, Vitamin A & E, but what I can’t get passed is that it feels like I’m slathering Olive Oil on my skin (which is in fact an ingredient) and it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s very heavily scented. I can’t pinpoint exactly what the smell is, but it’s the scent that I associate with a lot of REN products. Not bad, but if you prefer fragrance free products definitely not for you!

Special Cleansing Gel with Two Free Gifts
The main attraction here is the Special Cleansing Gel which is in fact a wash designed to cleanse without over-drying the skin. It uses Soapbark which is a naturally-foaming so as to make sure you’re properly clean, and it works to remove the excess oils. I have pretty sensitive skin and I have noticed hints of improvement since using this. I think that my skin is fond of the balm mint which is designed to ‘calm’ skin down, and as I have previously mentioned I do seem to have quiet an angry face! I am coming to the end of my bottle, which is fair enough since I usually reach for it at the end of every day, so for just under £20 (the cheapest I’ve found it is £18.90 here) it’s pretty good value.

The last part of the trio was the Skin Prep Scrub. This is a really lovely facial exfoliator, the gentlest I’ve ever experienced (I’ve no desire to rip my skin off on a regular basis, especially since it is super sensitive!). The grains are granulated Corn Cob Meal and they gradually get smaller as it polishes the skin. This probably ties with the cleanser for my favourite part of the kit, but at £27.50 I’d be more comfortably trying to find a cheaper equivalent, and save the change for some more face masks!

For people that do love Dermalogica products, where would you recommend buying them from cos I’m definitely interested in checking out some more…

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