Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sales All Year Round - Haul Post

We appear to have sales the pretty much the whole year round, and towards the end of February I managed to spend some birthday monies on the end of the Christmas sales. I ended up in Harlow, somewhere I’d never been before, and ended up parting with a fair amount of cash, but I’m pretty impressed with what I got for it.

80% of the stuff I bought was from the H&M sale which appears to still be going on online at least. I absolutely love H&M as there stuff is usually well made, and their sales usually have a few quirky pieces in (I don’t know how to say that without sounding like someone’s Grandmother!).

Tartan Jeans

I’ve gone from being a skirt girl to being really into jeans at the moment (probably because this winter was so bleedin’ cold) and I was drawn to these tartan skinny jeans. I love them, but I find it really hard to know what to wear them with so if you have any tips, let me know! I also picked up the snood (£2) and a little bobble hat (£1).

Jacket from H&M Sale

I also got this tweed-style coat for the bargainous £10

Bomber Jacket

and this bomber jacket for the even better £5 (similar style still available here).

In a vague attempt to be slightly more optimistic about the weather I also picked up this zebra print / actual zebra pictures dress for £7 (available here). I have worn it a few times, but I’m not massively keen on the dipped hem so when I get back to my sewing machine I might take it up a bit.

Animal Print H&M Dress
Because I do love pictures animals patterning my clothes I also picked up this swan print shirt (up until about 5 minutes ago I honestly thought it was flamingo print – whoops). It was only £5, but unfortunately it has fallen victim to the ‘weird cut’ problem that some H&M garments have. It fits fine, but it’s a hi-lo tunic and whereas the front tucks neatly into jeans, the back comes down to below my knees. I’m sure some people could rock that out, but it will definitely be going under the needle when I move back home!

I then went to Primark, and in an attempt to show restraint I told myself I could only buy sale items. I picked up two plain cardigans for £3. The black and yellow shirt for £5, and the hot pants for the same (rest assured that even though they look tiny, my butt doesn't hang out the back when I wear them!)

Primark Size 6 Black BootsI also picked up these boots for £10; they make me feel a bit like I’ve let my 13 year old wannabe-grunge self dress me and have no grip, but I love them all the same. However, I saw later on FrockMeI’mFamous’ twitter that she had got them for half the price – rude Primark!

I bought a few other bits and pieces (but I didn’t think you’d want to see a bunch of pictures of tights and work trousers) and I had a lovely day, was anyone else lucky in sales this year?



  1. Great haul :) Love the hat, I have one in red an practically didn't take it off the whole of winter! x

  2. jealous of this haul.i need some trousers that are not jeans for a change! you have some great buys here :)