Thursday, 6 June 2013

i love leggings!

Up until last year I hated leggings. I primarily associated them with having to be unnecessarily confronted with strangers underwear in the street, however, after being overly jealous of other people looking amazing in disco pants I thought I should explore the market and stumbled across this fantastic (totally non-see-through) pair. This sparked a love affair with leggings which has seen the original Matalan ones re-purchased and several other pairs bought.

The ones is this photo were picked up in Hong Kong for £6.50 and they are unfortunately designed for someone a tiny bit taller than me, but, as it turns out, I absolutely love them as capri pants. Non-branded shops in China are actually just like the international sellers clothing section of eBay (not even joking, sometimes the stock photo's you see on eBay are even stuck to the hangers in store) so I'm fairly confident that
these £3.99 beauties are the rose-print version of these tropical ones. I'm all over garish prints this summers, so I'm just waiting for them to restock the medium size so that I can add them to my collection.

Any other recommendations for cheap (but not nasty) leggings? I'd love to check them out..

Necklace - Matalan | Watch - eBay | Shirt & Shoes - Primark



  1. I love your shoes! I had the same issue with disco pants it's all about the individual wearer in the end.
    I see you're currently following my blog via GFC, and everyones been talking about how it is/isn't shutting down on July 1st, so I just wanted to let you know that you can still follow me via Bloglovin (which I personally prefer anyway) and there is a link on my sidebar... Thanks!

  2. I love 'lovely Sally' but it is quite expensive. Also Whoy is a new service which looks sooo cool. You should check it out!

    1. I just googled 'Lovely Sally'; there stuff is beautiful! Not sure I could quite pull some of them off though, will give me something to lust over anyways.