Sunday, 25 August 2013

What are you doing with your life? (aka Post-Graduation Interrogation)

So I finished school in May this year, and then I graduated (yay, go me) in July. Unfortunately, this leads to the inevitable ‘so what are you going to do now’ questioning from people around. Well internet, let me admit you, I have no flippin’ clue.

I managed to put of the real world (and unfortunately away from my blog) for a while; in May I went travelling around China - a personal reward for my three years surviving Stoke, then I went to Rome with a friend from Uni and then I packed up and went to camp for two months. Whilst this post is mainly me wallowing in confusion, the one piece of guidance I may actually be able to give is that if you are at Uni, and therefore in need of a summer job, pick one that is almost as good as not being at work! I picked the boring option and worked as an English teacher at Camp, but I’ve got friends who have done it as life guards, activity instructors and carers - regardless, it is a job like no other. Similar to living in halls you get to spend your summer surrounded by people in similar situations to you with the added bonus of having to frequently behave like children in order to amuse the children who have actually paid to be at camp. This summer I have played live-action cludeo more times than necessary, put on several fairs and bounced around on one of those gladiator style fighting rings whilst dressed as Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. Also you get to explore the world a little bit more, whether it’s America or Oxford, and have all your meals cooked for you and a guaranteed summer social life.

But, I digress, I am in the real world again now (and having to cook my own food again – boo) and have no real idea what I am doing. Luckily, I’m fairly sure that there is a large proportion of graduates who are in the same boat, one of whom is in fact my best friend, so that makes me feel better. Also, I’m in the small minority of people who actually know which industry they want to work so I guess I’m not quite as lost as I thought I was. I guess I’ll just keeping writing on here, firing out CVs and burning my way through series online (have you guys seen Orange is the New Black? oh em gee). Oh, and continuously dodging the ‘what are you going to do now?’ question, cos, and I pitch this to anyone who's ever been in the same boat, how are you supposed to answer it?



  1. Your summer digression sounds awesome and I totally sympathise with your confusion about the future. My brother graduated years ago and he still has no idea what he wants to do. I do kinda have an idea what I want to do but it's scary and it's years away. ARGH. The future is terrifying but my my always says that the most interesting people don't know what they want to do.... I've been clinging to that for a while!

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