Sunday, 1 September 2013

When In Rome..

Back in June a friend and I took a cheeky trip to Rome for the week; we wanted somewhere cultural and travel-y, but also something that wouldn't cause too much bank hurt.

Coffee in Rome

We saw all the things you'd expect to see in Rome, and took an unplanned excursion to Pompeii to see the ruins there. We also ate all the Gelato you'd expect to eat in Rome - I did however opt out from the Viagra flavored option. 

Our accommodation was the ever so lovely Alessandro Palace Hostel; it had all the amenities you would expect a hostel to have as well as the loveliest staff you will ever meet. We stayed in a 8 bed dorm, which was fairly spacious and realistically we were only in there to sleep cos when we were up we were either out or on the roof garden (something I wish all hostels, and really buildings, had).


Tourist Shop Selling Vatican / Pope Merchandise
We took a detour to Pompeii one day, which was a very surreal experience, and took the mandatory trip to the Vatican. Climbing the St Peters was one of my favourite parts of the holiday, but the insane queue to visit the Sistine Chapel was possibly my least. You are forced to go through the Vatican Museum to get to it, and there appears to also be a constant flow of huge tour groups being herded through as well making walking forward insanely difficult, but we persevered and Michelanglo's ceiling was indeed beautiful.

Exit for the Sistine Chapel

Cat Santuary Near Where Julius Caesar Died
Overall, it was a great week. My pasty white skin vaguely succumbed to the scorching heat and turned me a slightly healthier beige colour and I managed to hit up my second wonder of the world this year - the Colosseum -, plus I was able to indulged my crazy cat lady by paying a visit to the sanctuary that is within the ruins of where Julius Caesar died! I'm now thinking that 7 Wonders by the time I'm 30 is achievable (although my fitness may need to drastically improve before Machu Picchu is a viable option).

What are your travel goals?



  1. my travel goals are anywhere and everywhere. looks like you had a fantastic trip, great pictures! xx

  2. I love Rome! Those stairs are so fancy - and I think we were very lucky to pick a quiet day for our Vatican trip. I miss gelato - apparently also missed out on Viagra flavour :p xx

    1. I just can't even imagine what it would taste like!