Friday, 6 April 2012

Chocolate That's 'Good' for You...

ohso - probiotic chocolate

The postage that these come in is adorable, and it was a nice suprise because I had no idea what was going to be inside when the package arrived. I believe the premise of the bars to be that you consume one each day, whilst this seems like an attractive prospect at first I worry that it may take the ‘treat’ element of chocolate away. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is something I consume indulgently. The dark flavour is definitely there, but the consistency is actually quite creamy making it a bit more palatable than some of the more bitter chocolates on the market.

There are “Only 72 Calories per bar”, only?! That seems a ridiculous amount for a piece of chocolate which is about the same size as my little finger. I may be overreacting a little bit but for 99calories I can eat a Dairy Milk bar or have a flute of champagne apparently (I may have got distracted on Google!). However, I proceeded to munch one of these for a midmorning snack each day and it was nice to have a little sweet treat whilst knowing it was doing me more good than those swigging their probiotic yoghurts. Plus on further inspection I realised that they are dairy-free which is great cause unfortunately I am one of those people whose skin is not a massive fan of milk (apparently its the cow hormones in the milk that causes this, you can learn more about that delightful fact here if you're interested!). But if you would prefer to learn more about chocolate you can visti ohso website, here.


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