Sunday, 8 April 2012

Maybe It's Becuse I'm A Londoner..

Opia Jubilee Earrings

I am from the South, but currently spend the majority of my time in the North; this is what I blame for how excited I got about these earrings when I walked past them this morning! Primark is going all out to celebrate what I presume to be the jubilee, but imagine will also be the Olympics as well. This set of 6 pairs of London themed studs is just £2 and it includes recognisable landmarks, the famous I <3, and a pair of hearts with the union flag on. If your one of those people who likes to mix up earrings to create a more original look these would work perfectly.

When taking the photos I did notice that one of the hearts is already missing a piece of enamel, but that’s what you get for walking through Primark to get to work instead of on the street like a normal person (and what you get for 33 pence a pair!). Part of the reason I’m not so bothered is because those are probably my least favourite of the set. Whilst I think all the icons are adorable, I’m particularly excited to rock the Big Ben ones. I think there is something deliciously ‘kitsch’ about them. They are about 1 cm tall with the wire to go through the ear fixed to the back of the clock face. The gold colouring isn’t too lurid and they don’t have any of the plastic covering that the others use.

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing these for home-town pride, touristy love, or just for fashion I’d rate them as an excellent purchase for the fast approaching summer

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