Monday, 9 April 2012

New and SHINY

This nail varnish from the new Hed Kandi collection for Models Own is undoubtedly gorgeous. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out exactly as it looks in the bottle but with a good base coat and a few layers it looks pretty damn good. It contains various coloured sequin style glitter. There are none of the hundred and thousand style flecks that you get in some other shiny nail varnishes, and I think that’s a good thing.

In the picture I only have two coats on (and no topcoat) and I felt that those were enough. (I only have it on one finger cos I really wanted to see how it came out but cannot wear glitter to work, boo). It is just as shiny as in the bottle, and depending on your choice of base varnish you can accentuate certain colours in the glitter. It dried v e r y slowly, although it is possible that this is because I put the two coats on immediately after each other, and to get maximum glitter you do need to layer it on quite thick. I’m not a massive fan of top coats but for this I would definitely recommend one, you don’t want rough textured nails and it would seal all the shiny bits in place.

The only downside of this polish is that it smells BAD; like paint and paint stripper rolled into one, so maybe have something sweet smelling on your desk when you use this! Oh and although they haven’t said, it’s probably limited edition so if you see this in a shop, i’d snap it up now.


  1. I sooo wanted to try this, but after hearing this review I think I'll stick with my Barry M ones :)

    1. Don't let me put you off Models Own as a whole though, they make some of the most fantastic non-glitter polishes! xx