Friday, 18 May 2012

First Freebie Friday

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

Being a huge foundation lover I wasn’t sure how to feel about BB cream, I wanted to try it out but felt that there was no-way it would ever replace that part of my make-up routine. You get 3 1.5ml sachets in a shade of your choice – I chose light as I am quite pale and didn’t want it affecting the shade of my make-up when trying it as a primer. 

Garnier seems to have led the way for the UK highstreet BB market and I do think they present a really nice product. It has a really light consistency (it’s main ingredient is infact aqua) and is very easy to apply and blend, the tiny samples went surprisingly far. The packaging lists numerous supposed uses for it and if you have naturally beautiful skin I would definitely suggest trying this as it would give a nice natural glow, with a slight coverage. My skin is a bit more on the damaged side so I was surprised that coverage-wise I could just about get away with it. However, for all day wear-and-tear I wouldn’t trust it to keep me appearing blemish free.

As a primer it works nicely to maintain the fresh-faced appearance and helps to blend the foundation easier meaning you actually apply less. It would probably also work as a touch-up product for when you’re going to be out all day (I think I’m probably going to keep one of the sachets in my handbag for emergencies). The only downside to the product is that it does feel a bit sticky for a while, If you have oily skin as it is I’d probably avoid this.

Whilst I did love the product I’m not completely sold on its necessity in my make-up routine and at £10 for 30ml, there are things higher up my ‘to purchase’ list. I was a bit cheeky and figured that since Korea is cited as the founder of these creams I may as well try one out from there. I have one working its way over as we speak thanks to the wonder of eBay! If you fancy giving this product a go you can get your sample pack here. Enjoy!

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