Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Home Baking and Face Caking (Betty Crocker Candles & Matte Powder)

I picked up one of these candles the other day when browsing for something exciting, scented draw liners I think (!), and I will certainly be going back to get more. The scent is delicious and genuinely spreads throughout the room when burning. Whilst having a look to see if these were mentioned on any other blogs I did see a few comparisons between these and Yankee candles (namely We Were Raised By Wolves), unfortunately I can’t compare but I will say that the smell is warm and fruity but not too sweet like some candles can be. The scent also sticks around, I’ve know burnt the candle on about 5 separate occasions and it is yet to lose its sillage. I paid 99 pence for mine and that got me a good 85g of candle, which should burn for between 30-40 hours (mine is probably rocking 20 at the moment and still has a fair amount left). They come in a variety of baking related flavours, and apparently there are Christmas one, which I will definitely be looking out for. Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere to recommend you buy them from, they do just appear to be floating around those odd dollar store style shops – hopefully you’ve got one in your local town, if so I would definitely see if you can pick one up.

Also, since that post was a bit random I thought I'd use this Wonderful Wednesday to talk about a product that I would be absolutely lost without; Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Ivory 001). I use this product to set and blend my foundation, there are always several pots in my house at anyone time because my routine would be lost without it. I'm sure there are some great mineral powders etc. but for something I use so much of the £3.99 price tag and wide range of shades is spot on with this produc - I am quite pale, so don't want any hint of orange in my make-up and this shade gives good coverage without changing my colour.

If your not a fan of this and could reccomend something for me to try out, I would definately be interested?

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  1. Ooo thanks for mentioning me! Happy to hear that you like these candles too :) x