Sunday, 20 May 2012

What's in my bag?

I wanted to do this post for a while but it's very temptiong just to include cool things that I sometimes have in my bag rather than what is actually in it. So, as I am currently confined to a train on my way to see a friend I've decided to go through and document the things I really lug about with me all day.

The bag itself is a navy blue, zip-up from Next. It's approaching it's one year birthday and is still in pretty good condition however, I am looking to buy it a companion - I'm thinking either white or brown, any suggestions?

1) Purse - Etienne Aigner, I love yellow and this purse is perfect as it has a zillion card pockets.
2) Kindle - as much as I would urge everyone to support the print industry, this was a present from my Mother and it is pretty damn useful. The skin for it was made on and the (very messy) outercase is a Belkin.
3) My railcard, complete with the worlds oddest photo.
4) A box of mints.
5) My work ID pass.
6) My house keys - covered with a KeyPurr which can be got here.
7) A copy of NewsWeek (thats not very glamourous..)
8) A knitted headband - Primark, Hats aren't great for people with curly hair, we're more suseptable to hat hair and when they squash down the top of your hair they make the bits left showing look massive! I picked this up for 50p in the sale.
9) A fruit shoot.. mmm sugar...
10) Nail Varnish - Models Own, Beetle Juice: Aqua Violet. (I may have painted my nails on the train this morning).
11) MakeUp Bag - a freebie from MaxFactor.
12) My Phone.
13) Two Pairs of Headphones (why?)
14) The Lens Cap of my other Camera (why?)
15) A Cinema Ticket - for Dark Shadows, I wouldn't reccomend it.
16) Lip Shimmer - Burt's Bees in Rhubarb.
17) 'A' Necklace - a birthday present, but I think it's from TopShop. (This didn't make it to the photo as i've obviously moved it somewhere 'safe' and can't remember where)
19) Sony Little Camera - plus Pink Case from eBay.
20) Perfume - Paris Hilton's Heiress (that's embaressing).
21) L&B Eyeshadow Stack - picked up cheap of ebay so I could test out what colours to invest in in the future.
22) A Mirror - magnifying cos my eyesight is almost as bad as that of a mole.

That's seems like a lot of cr*p, but aside from the eyeshadows and cinema stubs I do usually drag most of it about. If you have done a similar post recently feel free to link it below cos I think everyone like being a bit nosy.

22) Notebook - John Lewis. I almost forgot about this since I was writing in it at the time.


  1. Nice post, I like to be nosy too! I've got that Samsung phone, do you like it? Mine's a bit glitchy x :-)

    1. eek, mines still relatively new. I picked it up cheap when the new one came out. Apart from it being impossible to use in the sun I quite like it. xx

  2. I love your yellow purse its lovely! Also your blog is great, I found it through the Blog Hop! :) x

  3. Really love how you've set out this post! I love your bag, next have a great selection:) xxxxxxx

  4. I love Burts Bees lip products. My parents are trying to persuade me to get a kindle, but I'm undecided! Found your blog through the blog hop. :) x

  5. That nail varnish looks so pretty :') Found you through blog hop, yay!

  6. Loved your blog! My bag isn't half as full! I saw dark Shadows too, it had its moments but it was mostly meh.. LOL! Found you through the blog hop! Following. :)

  7. love the purse!!

    New follow from the blog hop! I hope you get a chance to come check out my blog!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  8. These posts are so fun! I sometimes find random things in my purse too and I'm like how did that even get there?

    Found you threw the blog hop :)

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    and please if you can like my blog on the facebook:

  10. Your bag is super organised girl - loving your blog! I love the little wuthering heights notebook!

  11. just found you on bloghop! So glad I did! :)
    Posts like these really make me think about how awful my bag is.. so many crumbs at the bottom! how much was the eyeshadow pallete? xx

    1. Cos it was from eBay I think I got it for £3.50 including P+P.
      Just checked out your blog, love it! xx

  12. I love how you organize all your cards in a cute purse! :) Doesn't everything get messy inside the bag?? Haha :)