Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday ♥ Anonymous Eyeshadow

The Case of the Mysterious Eyeshadow

I thought about this blog post for a while but couldn't find anything that I truely wanted to proclaim as wonderful. So I decided instead to turn to the blogosphere in the hope that you would be able to help me identify something that will be wonderful. I mentioned before that I picked up an L&B (Lula & Belle) pallette for cheaps of eBay. I have fallen in love with one particular shade, but it doesn't have a name (and even if it did L&B only appears to exist at Christmas time in Boots) so I need a dupe!
My camera decided to be an absolute nightmare so apologies for the strange pictures. The shadow is hard to get an accurate picture of as it does appear fairly yellow, but goes on a more bronzey-gold. I tried to do 3 swatches to show it built up, but again the camera didn't really fancy that.

Sooo, if you have any suggestions please leave them as comments below! And I hope you had a lovely Wednesday x

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  1. I like these pics, they are different and beautiful! I've never heard of this palette but it is definitely appears "wonderful".