Monday, 25 June 2012

Bourjois Magic Remover Dupe?

I ran out and got this after reading about it on It’s All About Creativity as being an obvious dupe for the popular Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover. It’s from the delightful haven that is Poundland, and therefore obviously costs £1. It has far cheaper packaging but is essentially the same product.

One of the main differences is that it contains acetone, whereas the Bourjois version doesn’t. For me, this doesn’t matter since my regular nail varnish remover (Cutex) also contains acetone. Since the Bourjois product is heralded as being the glitter nail polish saviour I decided to give it a test run as soon as possible. I actually don’t own many glitter nail varnishes, my main one is Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, so the polishes I tried were Models Own Lemon Meringue with one coat of glitter and No.7 top coat, BarryM Bright Red, Models Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice and MaxFactor Disco Pink with two coats of glitter. I did a little ‘Twist and Out’ action (probably several twists) and was quite excited by the results.

However, when I came to use the pot a week later after having worn the Beetle Juice polish with glitter and topcoat for about 3 days, I was less impressed. There was virtually no movement. I tried again and whilst it did move a little bit I had to give up and return to cotton wool pads and cutex. I think it was because when I tested it I’d only had the varnish on for a short period of time.

I’ve tried it a few times since (I fell a bit in love with the BeetleJuice & Glitter) and I do think it loosens the glitter but I’ve not managed to completely remove my nail varnish. I won’t be throwing ‘Twist and Out’ away, but I certainly won’t be re-purchasing. I guess it’s a case of getting what you paid for this time.

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