Sunday, 17 June 2012

The 'I accidentally bought a Teapot' Haul

There's not much going on in my life at the moment, I’m in the process of ‘sorting things’ which I think everyone has to go through at some time or the other. As a break from this task I went for a stroll into town to see if I could pick up any bargains, I may have got a bit distracted from the bargain hunting but I did pick up a few bits and pieces, and since I love a good haul post I thought I’d show them here.

Floral Teapot  - Timotei Intense Repair - Chocolate Buttons – CK Summer – Twinkle Sprinkles -  Max Factor Lasting Performance – Lovely Make Up Base – Skin Therapy Pore Cleansing Strips – Max Factor Free Gift! – Country Air Candle – Glamourize Eye Duo - No.7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner

A Few Accompanying Notes;
- I picked the teapot up in the joy that is Poundland. I have a bit of an issue with tea sets, I love them and for £1 I figured I could justify purchasing this since I've been after a new teapot for a while.
- The Timotei shampoo I used the other week whilst staying at my mothers house and I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to pick one up for myself. It contains avocado oil and macadamia seed oil and works wonders for restoring the natural body and shine of the hair. Oddly I think I picked this up in poundland too.
- I think I will do a full review of CK Summer at some point in the future as it's a pretty interesting product, it was £33 from Boots. I have done a post on the Max Factor Box already, so you can peek at the insides here if you're curious.
- These Country Air candles are originally American so can be picked up in your local 'we sell all sorts' shops. They are great because the wax has a slightly gel-like texture so as it burns the melted wax moves downwards instead of collecting on the sides as with some wax candles. The scent isn't as strong as I'd like but it burns a lot longer, and with less waste than other inexpenisve candles so I will definately keep repurchasing these.


  1. Hehe I love the title of this post - what a beautiful teapot it is!

  2. i love this post 'i accidentally bought a teapot' aw it made me giggle!


  3. What a great haul!! :D That teapot is so freaking cute!! XD
    (I found you on the blog hop! :D)

  4. lol cute name for post title! love the teapot!