Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wonderful Wednesday ♥ Lipcote

 I am in love! After finally giving up on being able to wear lipstick I picked this up after seeing it on Bodycare. I do remember hearing a bit about it last year - it was voted Product of the Year by Vogue - and I figured at £2.60 there was no harm in giving it a try.

It comes in a cardboard outer packaging, but the product is in a clear 7ml bottle with a brush similar to a thin nail varnish applicator. The instructions suggest you should apply your lipstick normally. Including liner and blotting, possibly with foundation as a base (I don't personally make an effort to do this) then allowing a coating of this to dry on top. It is simple to apply, not adding much to your make up application but it does smell/taste a bit funny for the first few seconds (yes, I did accidentally lick a bit!). In order for me to trust it fully I let it dry for between 30-45 seconds, after that it is less noticeable that it's there providing you don't deliberately harass your lips.

Because of the jubilee weekend I have had ample opportunity to test this product properly and my lippy survived the, rather sizable, jug of Pimms I consumed. I did make an effort to drink through a straw and because of this I didn't feel I had to touch it up during the day, just to fill it in before going out.

What may put people off is that it feels quite drying, although this doesn't affect the appearance.  Also, what I can only speculate on (boo) is that I don't imagine it would taste great to kiss someone who was wearing this. If you are looking for a care-free day look,  or if you are going anywhere which doesn't involve a kissing spree I would definitely give this a go.

It is regularly available at Boots for £3.69, or there is a seller on eBay who has them for £2.65.

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