Sunday, 8 September 2013

Coffee Club | Beanies Amaretto Almond

Now that I have left the world of university deadlines I can consume coffee in an enjoyable manner rather than surrounding myself with lukewarm cups of the highest caffeinated product in our kitchen so I have decided to start a new type of post where I indulge my love of coffee by trying out something new each month. I popped into my local supermarket and was drawn to the ever so cute Beanies pots. Having had a nightmare with ‘sweet’ flavoured instant coffee before I opted for the more interesting sounding Amaretto Almond flavour (despite never actually putting actual amaretto in a coffee in my life).

British Flavoured Coffee
Beanies are an English company, which is always nice, who launched in 2009 and having Googled them a little bit have an incredible array of flavours available. However, only three flavours are availbale in supermarkets of which Amaretto Almond is one.

What is most notable about this cute little pot of coffee is the strong aroma that it gives off, it smells a little sweet, but also genuinely like amaretto (I guess it smells a bit like those little biscuits they made on GBBO this week). I was worried that the taste would be overpowering as well, however it is actually nice and mild. The coffee is rich and smooth with a little almond kick; it leaves a nice almond/coffee aftertaste in your mouth.

Beanies Amaretto Almond Flavour Insant Cofffee

What I was surprised to find out is that this coffee is sugar-free which is impressive for something flavoured like this. It’s nice because Amaretto is supposed to pair well with chocolate and bloomin’ heck does this go will with chocolate (although in my mind chocolate is excellent on all occasions so that might not be the most un-bias comment).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend giving this a try especially as it’s super reasonable (£2.50 for 50g) and really drinkable, whether you want it for a nice alternative or to drink on a daily basis.
Also, please excuse how tacky my mug is! It was a present from a friend, and truth be told I think it’s adorable.

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  1. This sounds lovely, I adore flavoured coffee & I am currently loving a caramel one. I need to get my hands on this though (:

    Ash xoxo

    1. Caramel is the flavour I just cannot get on with - from a coffee shop I love it, but for instant it just tastes too sickly for me ): x