Monday, 23 September 2013

Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace

Blush Palette and EcoTools Brush |

I currently own more blush that I’ve ever owned at any other point and this is because I currently have two Blush By 3 Palettes by Sleek; Sweet Cheeks and Lace. I mentioned them briefly in a recent favourites post, but I thought I’d indulge my love for them slightly more.

Despite picking up Sweet Cheeks after seeing a photo of it on twitter and thinking that those were the exact colours I loved, Lace is completely my favourite. It is made up of 3 (pretty bright) shades; crochet, a matte orange, guipure, a shimmery peach, and chantilly a matte red/coral tone. (I’m all for giving things interesting names, but I think it might have taken me longer than necessary to realise that these colours where all type of lace).

Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly Blush
I’m pretty pale so seeing these colours for the first time was quite intimidating; they’re super bright and as the package boasts ‘intensely pigmented’. But this high level of pigmentation, equalled in its staying time, is what makes these blushes so great. I’ve been using the palette for over five months now and not even made a dent in the trays!

After five months though I’ve still not mastered the art of applying the exact right amount and always have to blend (quite a lot) to make sure I don’t look like a deranged rag doll. I think this is because I still haven’t got used to how finely milled and soft they are and am picking a little bit too much up on my brush – shout out to the EcoTools Blush Brush and MiniKabuki that I am currently favouring.

The sleek palettes retail at £9.99 for 20g which is great value considering how long it has lasted me for, however, I have fallen in love more with one shade – crochet- than the others so I’m thinking perhaps for my next purchase I should play around with the singles a bit more. What I think is really smart is that on the sleek website they have a tester picture where you can see what the shades look like applied to your particular skin tone (although as I typed that I realised you can just Superdrug and try it on your skin for real, oh well, less messy anyway!).

Sleek Blush Palette and Box |’m now sold on this being one of the best high street blushes available and will definitely keep an eye out for other Sleek products to try, but I will end with a cheeky side note that it is made from that annoying black packaging that gets dirty no matter what you do, you know the one? Grrr..


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  1. I like the look of this! Those colours would all go on my face, at the same time if I got my mitts on it tho.