Sunday, 1 July 2012

Freebie Friday | Nivea Q10 Day Cream

Q10+ Anti-Wrinkle (for Normal to Combination Skin) Pore Refining Day Cream
I’m not sure what this product aims to do most; help fight the appearance of wrinkles or minimise the appearance of pores. As a wrinkle cream I don’t need it so much, however, I’m quite interested in pore treatments at the moment. I recieved three 1ml samples and I slapped a sachet (there is a generous amount, more than enough for my face) on one morning a few minutes before doing my make-up and it created a good base and made my skin feel moisturised and soft. It smells a bit like sun cream, due to the fact it is an SPF 15 product, but not to the extent that it drove me mad.

A 50ml pot retails for £9.99 in Boots (and the entire Q10 range is 2 for £12 there at the moment) and I did indeed take advantage of this offer and pick up 2 pots of this.

I can't find the exact link for this sample, but Nivea often have samples of various products that you can check out here.

PS: Because the Q10 brand is undergoing a re-vamp, a lot of their products are beings sold cheaply in Wilkinsons. The Original version of this, which doesn’t claim to be ‘Pore Refining’ (it infact has slightly different ingredients) is £5 for 50ml.

Other samples pictured;

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