Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday ♥ The End of June

Today is unfortunately not a wonderful Wednesday for me due to circumstances beyond my control (and now because this post is going up late it is actually Friday!) However, it does have one redeeming factor about it though, as I am back down South for a short period of time. This excites me for many reasons , not least because for the last week I have been stuck in an empty house working overtime - woo. This means that I haven't really done anything particularly exciting, but I do have a few cute photos to make up my roundup of last month.

I booked my driving test! Yes, I'm 20 years old and cannot drive. Cringe. - Had to walk through this ridiculous collection of pigeons - Adorable loo roll at my friends house
- I passed this as I came out of the tunnel to exit the station. I was a bit down at the time and this reminded me to smile. - I picked up my Olympic accreditation pass. - A Reeses cab which drove past me, I had to snap a pic to send to my old housemates in Canada. If you've never had Reeses Cups you should check them out (: -
My very old puddy-cat taking a nap. - I had such a craving for Egg Custard Tarts the other day (and was able to indulge since it was before my spending ban was introduced) - the Roberto Cavalli jubilee crown

Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Wednesday, and here's to a good July! x


  1. Thank you for following!
    Good luck with your driving test - I had to do it three times!
    Cute pictures, especially the cat! :) x

  2. Great blog! And fantastic pictures :D Im following you now! I found you through the blog hop!

  3. Hey! :) Found you through the blog hop (^__^) glad to find another 20 year old who can't drive yet xD

    Also, YOU KITTY IS ADORABLE. <33333 Wish I had a cat! (;__;) haha xxx

  4. Your cat is seriously adorable.
    I think I would look good in that crown
    I hope you pass the driving test!

    Hey so I found you through the blog hop :) new follower!

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