Monday, 2 July 2012

No.7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour

I recently tried out a few blushes (mainly baked ones cos they look so snazzy) but found myself making my way back to this product. No.7 Natural Blush has been my staple blush for a few years now mainly because it’s classic and easy to wear.

Admittedly their is not much choice within the range as these ‘Cheek Colours’ are only available in  4 shades. I have tried others but my favourite is 10. Soft Damson (how do they choose the numbers when there are only 4 colours?). They use a fairly sheer, powder formula and come in simple 5g pots, which is the same weight of product you’d find in a traditional Nars blush.

Soft Damson is a matte carnation pink. To my eye it also has a very subtle peach undertone. Each of the four shades seems designed for a certain skin tone and Soft Damson is definitely for the paler girl and it works to enhance the cheeks with a nice girly glow but isn’t overpowering. However, depending on your personal choice it is also fairly easy to build up as it has quite good pigmentation. It also has amazing staying power, and I very rarely have to re-apply during the day/ night-out.

At £9.50 a pot, i think it’s a good, mid-range product. Plus, with the ever present Boots £5 off vouchers it becomes an excellent, low-end product.

Do you use these blushes? What's your staple brand?


  1. That's a pretty colour! The great thing with Boots as well is when you find out you have enough points and you don't have to spend any cash!

    My current blush is a Korean brand one, Holika Hoklika Midnight Owl.

    I'm a new follower! Found u through bloglovetherapy's blog hop!

  2. That is a gorgeous 'flush of the cheeks' natural colour, i always end up finding No7 gems when they have the £5 off vouchers doing the rounds. I might have to take a little looky at this when I'm in boots next *cough cough* *rushing out the door* - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


    1. haha, yeah. I think there's probably a whole collection of shoppers who only browse the No. 7 stands when the £5 vouchers are out (: xx

  3. The blush is a lovely natural colour, very pretty. I'm following, I found your blog through BBU Blog Hop

  4. I love No7 blushes :) I have the coral one and love it! Lovely blog :)

    I found you on the blog hop!


  5. This is a lovely colour! Very bright and a lovely summery colour! I don't own any No7 blushes, but I do have some money off - who knows :).

    I found you through BBU Blop Hop :) xx

  6. I love your blog and I found it through the BBU Blog Hop! I'm after a new blush and this colour looks so nice, I think I'm going to give it a look next time I'm out shopping!
    Vicky xo

  7. I have been eyeing these up for a while wondering if they would be any good, but this look lovely! Next time I have a vouchers, its minee! Now following you :) xx

  8. Ooh I love the No7 Cream blush and I love it! I think I will have to give this blush a try too; it looks so soft and lovely :)