Sunday, 1 July 2012

No-Buy July

I don’t know if it’s having my own blog, or just reading other blogs that makes me continually want to buy and try new beauty products, but something defininetly causes me to have a minor shopping addiction. I finally realised the other day just how much make-up/skincare/haircare etc I actually owned, and how much time I spent browsing shops (either online or in real life). Unfortunately, this prompted me to work out a rough estimate of my yearly spend. I’m not going to tell you the figure I came out with but later, when I read an article (which I won’t be linking as it was horrendously sexist) which included the quote that women spend over £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime I realised that judging by the rate I’m going - and the fact I intend to have a greater income when I become ‘all grown up’ -  I’m probably not going to disprove that statistic.

This prompted me to go through the exciting process of what I’m grandly entitling ‘No-Buy July’. For the month of July I’m not going to buy any new cosmetics (with a few tiny exceptions which I will list below) and I’m even going to go one step further and attempt to not buy any “unnessecery” clothes or jewellery. aaand, cos I have soo much willpower, I’m going to attempt to stop purchasing all the silly foods which seem to make there way into my basket. My last shop featured Egg Custard Tarts, White Chocolate Buttons and Brownie Mix... none of those can be turned into a meal!

Anyways, please wish me luck! And if you are participating in anything similar (I know that Angela at High Heels and Hairspray is currently working on a 5 out – 1 in beauty budget) then please let me know?

PS: The things I am allowed to buy;
MUA Professional Shade 12 Heaven and Earth Pallette (if I am lucky enough to stumble upon a Supedrug that stocks the ‘Professional Range').
A Ring from eBay, whose listing unfortunately ends during July!
The Primark Handbag featured in this video. I very rarely like the look of Primark bags, but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for that business-like black beauty.
AND foundation/powder if they run out. I am, quite simply, not willing to go foundation-less!


  1. I think I am going to have to set myself some sort of goal as of tomorrow too! I seem to spend every little bit of money I have and it's definitely increased since blogging! Good luck! xx

  2. I was planning on doing that for June, but unfortunatly it didn't work. I really spend WAY to much time looking at makeup in stores and I think I may just have to join you :)
    I'm going to add mascara to the list of exceptions :)