Sunday, 22 July 2012

Birmingham Bullring Haul

You might be saying ‘why is a girl on a spending ban doing haul posts?’. Weeell. Firstly, I am quite weak willed, and secondly, I was offered the chance to go to Birmingham and I’ve actually never been before despite it being fairly close to my uni home. It turned out to be a pretty good day, and because of the ridiculous summer sales (and a few surprise freebies!) I don’t feel too bad for shelling out a bit of cash during what meant to be my month of restraint.

Firstly, heres what I wore; Jacket – H&M // Shirt – Primark via eBay // Skirt – H&M US. It felt nice to wear something feminine as I'd been stuck in my work uniform for ages. To give it a bit more edge I tried the double floral, a trend which I'm a bit in love with.

We went straight to Birmingham Bullring because it was raining, and you don’t even have to really leave the station to get there. My first purchase was these Topshop ‘Leigh’ Jeans for £15. I was originally looking for floral jeans but I have a bit of a thing for yellow and these were my measurements. They are super soft and stretchy and I have fallen in love with them a little bit. (However, I am also at risk of turning into my 13 year old emo self if I run out of adult ways to wear these. If anyone has done an OOTD with yellow , please link it below)

I think went into H&M, why are there not more H&M’s in smaller places in the UK? And picked up this playsuit for ridiculous money - £5! - as well us some napkins (exciting) for 49p.

This dress is from the Fashion Against AIDS collection for H&M. I got it for half price at £7. Unfortunately it photographs like a optical illusion, but in real life is a bit more lovely and has an amazing fit. I actually found H&M seemed to have a lot of clothes in for ladies with less ample bosoms, I was impressed.

Then out of the blue we met some ladies advertising Special K. I got a t-shirt and a little Special K goody bag, which to my surprise had a full size Max Factor 'Ruby Tuesday' Colour Elixir Lipstick in. Not bad at all.

On the hunt for lunch we passed the ‘Malibutique’ where we sipped free cocktails and picked up this Models Own freebie. It’s a nice thick gloss which smells (and a little bit tastes) like Malibu. I also had used some Boots points to pick up a lipliner in Rose.

After lunch, I had one of the most restrained Primark trips that I have ever done. Can you tell from the photo what type of shirts are my favourite? These cost between 4-6 pounds, however I also saw a cat print one on the way to the checkout so may be picking that up soon.

Despite 90% of my clothes already having collars I picked up this necklace from Dorothy Perkins as it was £2 down from £10 and means that I can pretend all my clothes have collars! (Excuse the beautiful reflection of my phone).

I was surprised how much self-control I exercised around so much sale jewellery since usually this is my weakness, but it might have been because I received one of the things I had actually said I could get during No Buy July.

The eBay listings for 4 rings ended on the 8th and they appeared at my doorstep on the 17th, which is not bad for a Chinese listing. Baring in mind I paid 81p for four, I was unlikely to be disappointed regardless of what showed up. But they are infact, amazing and came in the most adorable little boxes which will be recycled for Christmas. You can check out the seller here.


  1. amazing haul dear.. plz do swatches for the maxfactor lipstick.:)

  2. Lovely haul and great freebies! I went up to birmingham to stay with a friend for a few days last month and spent hours just shopping round the bullring! it was like heaven! :D - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  3. you have a great fashion sense. I love everything you purchased. I love the canary yellow pants haha. Im a new follower from bloghop.

    Visit my beautyblog when you have a chance!

  4. love this outfit ! and the pieces are so cute and chic. great blog girl :)

  5. Great haul, and I love the skirt you're wearing! xx