Monday, 9 July 2012

Deep Fried Freckles

I recently spoke to Malia Carter (from Deep Fried Freckles) and she asked if I would consider 'reviewing' her blog, I put reviewing in inverted commas as I am not entirely sure I'm qualified to review another person's blog! There were in fact two things that swayed me into agreeing to do it; one, her blog is good! and two, her blog is not the same as traditional blogs...

Malia's blog infact contains a few less words than most blogs that I have stumbled across and this is because she uses it to showcase her (excellent) graphic illustrations. I infact came across her first when Abelia, from Abelia's Corner, showcased her new blog button which featured a shiny watercolour(?) portrait by Malia.

Deep Fried Freckles in fact contains a fair few pictures of members of the blogging community, I particularly like the one of Laura (Petit Chatons) shown here on the far right. However, Malia also spent two years studying fashion before switching to graphics and many of her drawings include beautiful clothes. My personal favourite (below) is an image of two models wearing aztec print swimsuits which she designed.

 As well as posting these faboosh mixtures of paint and computing Malia often includes a few words about each picture which I like reading and has (very) recently added a 'Printables' page which despite being 20something years old and not ever thinking I needed colouring pages before is very appealling to me! There are line drawings of people and faces, as well as some cute images of food and cosmetics which can be downloaded by readers to be used for whatever your heart desires.


Since this is meant to be a review I will just stick in a tiny critique which is that her links bar does not match the rest of the blog since it uses a different font than the rest of her sidebar links/titles. But, realistically you'll probably be too distracted by the pictures to even notice this!



  1. Hey! I found your blog through the BBU blog hop! Love it! xx

  2. Those illustrations are amazing!!
    I found your blog through the bbloggers unite blog hop!

    Amy xx

  3. Wow this was amazing to read! You are truly talented with words and I love reading your reviews. I am so excited you did this for me! I will definitely look into changing up the links bar as well as moving up the follow button. Thank you for the great tips! I will have this posted on my next post with a link to your blog as well as a section for you on my "Featured" page.

  4. Lovely review, and yes Malia's blog is one of my favourites! This review definitely does her justice :) x

  5. Wow, what a great idea to review another blog! Great read :) I found you through the blog hop! x

  6. hey dear.. lovely blog.

    Found you through blog hop.
    following you.. Hope you follow back..:)

  7. Great review and her illustrations are great too :)

    Tanesha x

  8. I adore her pictures! I found her through Abelia too :)

  9. Great review of her blog, it's truly amazing! And thanks for taking the time to look at mine! xx